Web Design

There are some very good reasons to have a website, these include:

  • “where do you get it”
  • advertising,
  • corporate image building,
  • credibility,
  • catalogue style advertising and shopping,
  • information providing and update
  • and international direct marketing

We design unique websites suited specifically for your business.
It can be a small, simple website with just your contact details and a few words, or it could be loaded with technology and information – we’ll determine that with you and based on your business needs.

But no matter how big or small your website is, there are 5 things it will have:

  1. It will be Mobile-friendly. All of our websites are made to be compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Unique. No ready-made insert-your-logo-here no-you-can’t-change-that-our-template-does-not-allow-it business.
  3. Clear communication of your business message to your potential clients. That’s what a good designer does – attractive pictures and a clear message, no mess, and this applies to the websites as much as to your brochures and leaflets.
  4. Fast-loading. We optimise your site for load times and put it on a fast server (hosting).
  5. Good Content Management System (CMS), so you can edit your content yourself. (If you do not want to do that, we can do updates for you of course).