Responsive Site Design

All of our websites are made to be compatible with mobile devices. We do not build multiple sites for different screen sizes, we give you Responsive Web Design!

With responsive Web Design your site looks good and fits inside the screen on all your devices – desktops of all sizes, tablets and phones.

We have been designing and building websites almost since the start of the internet and even then computer screens were different in size, though the biggest challenge then was to suit all browsers and all computer platforms.

What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design makes your website layout grow wider when the screen is bigger and ‘fold down’ when the screen gets really small. On your mobile phone all the page items that were sitting side by side on the big screen will slide down to be under each other and the navigation bar will become vertical and hidden in a button.

We will make sure that all the page elements – images, text, drop-down menus and lightbox fly-outs fit inside the screen and are easily readable (and clickable). The most annoying thing is a page that is too wide for your device screen and does not even allow you to scroll sideways, or a fly-out box that jumps at you and then you can’t close it because the ‘close’ button is right outside your screen!

We have a big experience making our client websites responsive. We’ll give you a modern, sleek, unique responsive website.