Google Places Optimisation

What is Google Places? Why do I need them? DO I need them at all?

Google Places has been around for a while now, with street view and closest shop locations they can be very useful, in fact we use them all the time. Many businesses are registered with Google so they can be found on the map easily.

Putting your business on the Google Maps will help to provide accurate information about your business to your customers, help your clients find you quickly and – as a bonus – bring your business up on local serch. Google Places is aimed at brick-and-mortar shops and offices, but even an online shop benefits from having a ‘proper’ address – and a good description and photos on Google maps.

Like any other social and search engine account, Google Maps requires some knowledge in order to set your account up properly, verify it and keep it up to date. We can help you with this task.

We manage Google Maps accounts for our clients, add new images, logos, change opening hours and other information.

If you have your client testimonies, we can add them to your account so your potential customers see what your service feedback.

In a special situation, where you have an old Google Maps account, but have lost its connection details we can help you to recover your ownership. It is not an easy process, but in most situations it is possible to achieve!